Activist Orientation Guide

March 5, 2009


The Activist Orientation Guide can be viewed and/or downloaded here. It is a manual of observations and responses to the world in which we live and provides a broad perspective on our societal system. Below is an excerpt from the PREFACE.

In summary, what The Venus Project represents and what The Zeitgeist Movement hence condones, could be summarized as:  ‘The application of The Scientific Method for social concern.’

Through the humane application of Science and Technology to social design anddecision-making, we have the means to transform our tribalistic, scarcity driven, corruption filled environment into something exceedingly more organized, balanced, humane, sustainable and productive.

The current economic system is falling apart at an accelerating rate, with the prospect of worldwide unemployment occurring on the largest scale ever seen. Simultaneously, we are courting the “point of no return” in regard to the destruction of the environment.

Our current methods of social conduct have proven to have no chance in resolving the problems of environmental destruction, human conflict, poverty, corruption and any other issue that reduces the possibility of collective human sustainability on our planet. It is time we grow up as a species and really examine what the true problems and solutions are, as uncomfortable, untraditional and foreign as they might seem.”

On a cautionary note:

“It is very important that those who begin this work pause for a moment and think about the windows of perspective they have been indoctrinated into. Considering the current vastness of human values and ideologies, coupled with the identification that grows over time with associations to a particular train of thought, tradition or notion of reality, it can be difficult and even painful for a person to revise or remove the cherished understandings which they have considered true for long periods of time. This ‘ego’ association, coupled with the perpetual state of ‘limited knowledge’ each one of us has, will be the biggest hurdle many will face when reading the information presented here.

If nature has taught us only one thing, it is that the only constant is change. There is no such thing as a Utopia. Therefore, in order for us to grow productively as a species, we need to become experts at “changing our minds” about anything and everything. If you choose to approach this material with a conscious attempt at being open minded and objective, we feel the ideas expressed here will realign your vision of the world, yourself, and the future of our human family in a way that is the most productive, humane and effective.”

Pretty cool, huh?





  1. This is one of the best and briefest articles I’ve read on this topic.Thank you for laying it out so clearly so that we can effortlessly spread the word. Mahalo from Hawaii (:

  2. Bravo for taking an in-depth (Zeitgeist:The Movie, Zeitgeist:Addendum, and The Zeitgeist Movement) look at what’s wrong with our world culture and what’s really unfolding.

    And as there is no constant but change itself, could it not be more appropriate to position “The Venus Project” as just one man’s vision opening the door for possible other or different iterations that also address the basic underlying tenants of the Venus design parameters. Presenting The Venus Project as just one example of a solution and therefore allowing for other possible solutions would definitely eliminate my only issue so far, that of the Venus “selling” aspect of this movement. Perhaps using this one man’s idea would spur other creative minds to partake and actually feel the societal involvement in ‘discovering’ together the best solution, sidestepping the egoic ‘creation’ approach of just one person. While the goal of this movie and The Venus Project is not meant to be perceived at ‘Utopian’, it does have the ‘look’ of one.

    A long standing Buddhist tenant and sign of being more fully awake or enlightened is in not needing to know the future outcome, but instead being fully open to the global mind consciousness to evolve into it’s own creative solutions. Perhaps there’s also an approach to healing existing infrastructure,, some of it anyway, that would lesson the necessity of consumption of more valuable resources,, side stepping the need for a TOTAL remake of structures – a visionary architect’s dream, but not necessarily aligned with conservation or healing of existing structures into more regenerative ones.

    Blessings on a New Beginning,


    P.S. Don’t eliminate The Venus Project vision,, just add a line or two conveying that it’s just meant to spark and inspire other planetary minds to join forces as world citizens and help to discover the paradise that’s always been available to us.

  3. Terry pretty much drove it home. The only issue with the movement is the selling of the Venus project itself. Inserting a second and third alternative would spark further participation.

  4. Hi there, I hope one by one we all able to understand and participate on this project. We don’t have to sell this this project, we just have to do it.We already have the green light, our society in the dead end. If we are responsible parents, or would you like to be one, please be ONE and help this project to grow.

    Thank you

  5. Terry is right that this needs to be something we all work on together which is the main factor the Venus project is addressing. The proposed Venus Project is merely a collaboration of all the worlds technological knowledge into one effort; the sustainment of humanity, and thus the planet and its resources.

    The only reason it has a name is so people can call it something and refer to it. The only reason they created designs, graphics and more complex ideas about the way it could be is to answer as many questions as possible that would arise in people’s minds.

    They are not trying to sell this idea as such, the Zeitgeist movement is just telling us that the Monetary system is completely destructive of the human race and the planet and that the only thing that can save us is to revert from these out-dated notions of the monetary system and find a new path that will save the planet and humanity from certain destruction.

    I have to admit that the Venus project is a very good starting model for society to fix the wrongs of our past and as the project suggests, everyone who is willing to input their enhancements to society would be able to do so in this system.

    This is not about who can create the best “system” and the Venus project is not really a system in itself. The Venus project is simply the idea to collaborate all human knowledge and technology to then create the best system for sustaining mankind.

    It is a simple idea that the rulers of the monetary system have disregarded in order to stay in control of the planet. A few corrupt people controlling all the people on the planet. Doesn’t that sound a bit absurd to everyone?

    Everyone on our planet should know what is going on and about the downfall of the monetary system. We have to tell everyone we know about the Zeitgeist movement so as to speed up the movement and save humanity and our planet before it is too late.

    Do not support large corporations. Do not use fossil fuels and do not support anything that will support the rulers of the Monetary system.

    Their downfall will give us back control of our planet and we can then work together to rid the world of money, greed and power and change society for the better.

    Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it. Otherwise we will all surely perish and soon.


  6. Do not support large corporations.Do not use fossil fuels and do not support anything that will support

  7. We all have choices in our life, this is one of them. Chose the right one, and join the thezeitgeistmovement.com

    This is the time to care !

    Thank you …. George

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