Resource Based Economy Foundation

March 18, 2009


The RBE Foundation is a website set up where one can donate to fund various projects that can forward us out of a monetary system and into a resource based economy (www.RBEFoundation.com)

Here’s how it works:

Anyone can go onto the website and submit a project idea, outlining what will be needed and how any money allocation would be used,

Every week one project, decided on by the public, will be qualified for Foundation funding,

During this week the public will vote to APPROVE or DENY the project based on if the request is adequately explained, it is clear where the funds are going and the basic tenants of the project in question,

All transactions are transparent and viewable on the website; not a penny goes unaccounted for,

Management is explained as such:

Requests for funds can be added to Foundation by any user without discrimination. Any amount of funds may be requested; however those that exceed Foundation’s current funds are not eligible for direct Foundation funding immediately. Such projects will become eligible for direct Foundation funding once its requested funds are within the limits of Foundation’s current budget. It is the requestor’s responsibility to include all information pertaining to the request, such as:

  • Who they are
  • The amount of funds they need
  • Where they are, geographically
  • The project’s short-term goals
  • The project’s long-term goals
  • Detailed information about exactly where each portion of the requested donation is going.
  • Why the project is critical to the progression of a Resource Based Economy.

When the requestor is satisfied with his request, he then submits it to Foundation where it is immediately available for direct donations. This project’s request remains in the system until it is fulfilled or cancelled.


The entire overview of the brilliant system is viewable here.

In my opinion it is impossible to fully understand the tenants of a Resource Based Economy, its mechanism, its logic, and then deny it. To me, this is comparable to telling the Emperor his clothes are nifty.

Clearly he is naked.

Clearly the system we are in is unsustainable and detrimental to human development.

Please note: The authenticity of this site, its connections to The Venus Project and its core idea’s in relation to a GLOBAL move towards a Resource Based Economy are to be questioned. We should question everything. This is the essence of the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.



  1. The site is NOT for a while yet operational and indeed we are not as yet affiliated with either The Venus Project or the Zeitgeist Movement. Hope this media article can be adjusted to include the truth.

  2. At the bottom of the article is a disclaimer stating that the RBE Foundation is not yet affiliated with The Venus Project or The Zeitgeist Movement, this indeed is the truth, and is thus stated in the above article. Thank you for your concern and your comment.

    As for not being operational, the article was an effort to drive traffic to the site and create an awareness for its existence, and to perhaps allow more people to take part in the testing phase (of which i myself have participated).

    Thank you again.


  3. The concept is EXACTLY what I was brainstorming about lately hence my search that led me here.
    I have a MAJOR INTEREST in promoting RBE’s and have some thoughts on how to establish pilot projects.
    Any leads on who to connect with to get this ball rolling?

    Best wishes


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