Us Now

October 25, 2009

The consumer is now the producer. With our media (YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook) people like you and I can put our message into the internet, onto the blogosphere, ‘virtually’ everywhere, whereby we can now be fully participatory.

We “co-innovate value, and co-create value”. With a computer and a connection we reach forums, post to message boards, discuss groups and meet up’s, have conversations surrounding our specific interests – in which we find, and focus, more and more, on our commonalities. We make a community. The community was not made, and we then jumped in – that vertically built structure is obsolete.

And people are participating annonymously, and there is something about honesty to be said for that. Perhaps something to be said for the ‘wisdom of crowds’?

Why can’t not be part of this. But being we are part of it.

We can, and will, orchestrate our society. Of that there is no question. It is only how soon we become comfortable with the power we already have, and start to use it to remake our world, that hangs.


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