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St. Lawrence Market

December 5, 2009


A number that talks

July 26, 2009

Money is garbage

40 politicians and Rabbi’s were busted in a corruption scandal, a few involved in illegal kidney trafficking, how unfortunate that we are reminded once again, and how very publicly, to mistrust ‘elected’ officials and religious ‘leaders’. Here is a great article from Time.

I went to war with the bank over $17.69 and won. It was a symbolic victory of principle, i felt that the prepared notes i presented upon being beeped to the bar counter were instrumental in securing the money my sold labour generated. The bank, however, felt no such dent – i was an inconvenience. A number that talked loudly and got not just an irritated glance and a dismissive allowance.

And here’s a list of banks that have failed recently. And here’s an article about the 64 that have failed this year.

p.s. Steph says: the world is having a heart attack.


How Schools Kill Creativity.

July 12, 2009

Civilized? Part 2

July 11, 2009


Civilized? Part 1

July 4, 2009


The Green Dam Girl

July 3, 2009

Article posted on the BBC Tuesday, June 30th, 2009.


Talking Social Smack (Part 1)

July 1, 2009

Meeting new people is always most interesting when you see them interact – especially in unfamiliar environments where either party (parties) has (have) something to be lost (or gained). It’s as if there is an experiment going on infront of you and you feel like you’ve a lab coat on your shoulders, a clip board, and a detached observers fascination. It is this look that must be perfected for it must be one that encourages – near facilitates – the conversation from an unbiased vantage point and still allows you to store and connect the information.

There are moments too, in conversation, when you are expected to comment on something – and that comment can determine direction – you are looked at and cued (with a slight tilt of the head, a hand gesture) and are almost put into a position of power – at least in the conversation and to the person indicating to you – and these moments are interesting too; sometimes you can plant seeds or ideas (the mind of the speaker is open to suggestion), sometimes you can indicate support with a look, you can place yourself in allegiance with the speaker, you can use the opportunity to make a statement (releasing it into the conversation for others to pick apart), or of course you can miss your cue and appear not to have been listening – which is daft.

I know this sounds like I am sitting analyzing conversation all the time… but how can I feel any shame when humans are so damn interesting? And I am not judging or making crazy assumptions about people’s personalities or lives; it’s not about that – I don’t think it’s about, or needs to be about, anything but better understanding ourselves through better understanding of those around us.

Seeing two people develop a connection, or a disconnect, can be very telling and revealing of yourself as well – you see your reactions in others and the chain reaction that follows, you see yourself. Through a moment of realization you feel naked or exposed – but not socially traumatized because your horror is localized – and that helps you deal with future like-situations; you are aware of eventualities.

Maybe I’m talking smack? It’s hard to get comments on a blog so I am never sure how you, dear Reader, are taking what I’m throwing at you…